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Apr 29 2012

Realizing your dreams

A Little Star –  by M. J. Waldock

I wished upon a little star

Up in the sky away so far

To be the fairest in the land

And be the best at all I can.

To be upon the stage of life

A messenger to help end strife

To be a voice for those who need

Encouraging words to hear and read.

I wished upon a little star

Up in the sky away so far

To boost you from the ugly mire

And write the words that would inspire

To lead you through the maze of thoughts

And help you learn what you forgot

When stress upon you really mounts

You are the one who truly counts.

I wished upon a little star

Up in the sky away so far

That when I stood upon the stage

To share the words from page to page

I’d speak so very loud and clear

I know that you would surely hear

And cast aside your gloomy cloud

And take your place among the crowd.

I wished upon a little star

Up in the sky away so far

To teach you how to look each day

Into the mirror and always say

“I love you, you’re the very best,

Together we will pass the test.

And when the end of day arrives

You’ll know you have again survived

Because the friend within your heart,
Was with you from the very start.

I wished upon a little star

Up in the sky away so far

To write this poem just for you

So when you’re feeling down and blue

You’ll take the time to read it through

Then tell yourself, “I Do Love You!”

I wished upon a little star

Up in the sky away so far

That you would find this little poem

And pick it up and take it home.

I made this wish upon the star

And so I wished, and here you are.



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Aug 23 2011

My Higher Power

Whether you are a writer, speaker, business owner, mother/father, daughter/son, friend, wife/husband, or any other role you have in life, you may be seeking strength. Look to your higher power and ask for help. This is my thought about how to do it.

I will soon find the words to express all my thoughts.

I trust that you will give them to me in every way.

Throughout the day you give me the strength to be just who I am.

I ask for your help to continue the journey.

Give me the desire to be all that I can.

The will to take the daily steps.

The love to soothe my lonely heart.

The angel to guard my life and soul.

The friends with whom to share the wealth.

The time to live with no regrets.

The love of my life to lie beside.

A mother’s love that never dies.

You give me all this in such a way,

I can go out and thrive in this day.

How has your higher power helped you? Share your thoughts.

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Mar 16 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is LOVE!” Sophocles

Life moves so quickly, we often don’t take time for ourselves, our family, friends and the things that are important to us.

Then the day arrives when we look into the mirror and wonder where all the time went and what have we done with it.

Our March Inspiration Breakfast focused on the Law of Attraction. One of the ways in which we attract what we want is to talk, think, and write down the things we love. Think about something you do, people with whom you associate, a place and activity, anything that you hear the words in your head –

I love to do this or I love that.?


Below is a poem I wrote about smelling the roses. I remember the day I wrote this, I was standing in my old office, thinking about how frantic life was and that I needed to stop.


by M.J. Waldock, May 2003

Running, running to and fro

Scattered thoughts

Shattered dreams

Fractured days

In a maze

Stop and smell the roses

Swift and sweet the enemy time

Important things

Nothing done

Much to do

With no value too

Stop and smell the roses

One more day with no pay

Thoughts abound

Make no sound

Reach the spot

At the top

Stop and smell the roses

Take a break, break a leg

Change the pace

Find new space

Turn around

Stomp the ground

Stop and smell the roses

Find a friend with time to spend

Take a trip

Buy some stuff

Clear your mind

From the grind

Stop and smell the roses

It’s the day you’re okay

Time and money

Make their way

Find your niche

Scratch the itch

Stop and smell the roses

I love flowers. In fact I have often thought that in my next life I would be a florist, or something that had to do with flowers. I love them when they have been refrigerated and there is a cool freshness about them. Think about the petal of a rose, how soft it is. And then of course there is the luscious scent. I can smell it, can’t you?

A friend of mine recently sent me an e-mail with all types of roses. She said, share them with your friends. So I am sharing them with you. Close your eyes and smell this beautiful rose.

Now ask yourself, how often do I stop to smell the roses in my life? Do I take the time for myself, give myself permission to want what I want?

The More You Think About And Verbalize What You Love,

The More You Will Attract It To You. We Are All About Energy!

I also love the opportunity I have to share my thoughts with you.

Please share your thoughts with me and share these flowers with your friends.

Be kind to you today. You deserve only the best.

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