1. Be Authentic Be yourself and live through vision & values.
2. Be a Risk Taker Dream Big1. Be Authentic Be yourself and live through vision & values.

3. Believe in Possibility

When you believe in possibility, opportunity will find you.

Then you need only to believe in yourself and everything is possible.” M.J. Waldock

4. Believe in Yourself Think Positive – Follow “The 4 Agreements” – Don Miguel Ruiz

Have impeccable speech, Take nothing personally, Make no assumptions, Always do your best

5. Be a world class competitor Stay Focused – “Be a thoroughbred” – Marlo Thomas

6. Be a clear communicator Externally and internally – Know what you want and Just Ask.

7. Build great relationships- Share your vision, Align with people of like mind Communicate clearly, Do what you say you are going to do.

8. Be Aware Self awareness – Acknowledge change, Treat others the way you want to be treated

9. Be Inquisitive Never stop learning, Never stop challenging yourself

10. Be a ‘PROUD” winner Give yourself permission to win – Always give yourself an “A” – “The Art of Possibility” by Benjamin Zander

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