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BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN is an empowering experience that energizes, inspires, and supports personal growth, life achievement, and internal fulfillment.

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There is so much to talk about, and it’s all about YOU! The purpose of this blog is to provide a platform for you to share your thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams and fears. This forum will empower and inspire you to become the person you really want to be.

There are thousands of women just like you whose accomplishments began as the tiniest of thoughts. All it took was a some “thought sharing” with other people, “encouragement,” and shared resources, and they were off and running. Experience the power of many……..its all here.

In 2004 I launched an initiative entitled Because We Are Women – Celebrating Possibilities, which is a place for women to come together and focus on themselves, to say good things about themselves, to find their vision and passion, to be true to themselves and follow their dreams.

You are the most important person in your life,  and you must be good to you.

As a result of this initiative, I have thought about and written many things, a poetry book, the first few chapters of an empowerment book, workbooks on how to ask, how to focus, how to be a better communicator, and a few others.

Take a look at Marlene’s “B” to success and fulfillment. This will be he basis for much of our discussion. Thanks for joining us.

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